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Internet and Intranet Email Tracing
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We help victims of child
stalking, cybercrime and threatening Emails.
* Major breakthrough in Email Tracing!  * Inter-Office tracing available.  * Licensed Private Investigator.
* We can help with your background investigation.  * We do in-depth Genealogy Traces.
* iPhone trace investigations available.

* We work hard with law enforcement and Email service providers to knock down the brick wall!

Net Trace Inc. offers a multi-layer attack against perpertrators of cybercrimes against our clients.

* Our private investigations team has over 25 years experience helping individuals and companies with cyber and non-cyber crimes.  Our clients can draw from our experience when dealing with police and other government agencies.  No longer will you be alone when you're dealing with local, national, and international law enforcement agencies.

Our technical staff has the ability to counter-attack any perpetrators that have attacked our client(s).  Along with our staff's ability to provide pin-point accuracy as to the whereabouts of the perpetrators, our techs know how to prepare information to be provided to the necessary law enforcement agencies and Internet service companies.

Net Trace Inc. also employs techs that specialize in hardware and software that can provide the necessary final pieces to a successful investigation.  Surveillance equipment that is state-of-the-art is available when necessary for Internet and non-Internet cases.

We also have genealogy tracing experts that can trace individual and family backgrounds with speed and ease.

When you combine our experience, knowledge and proven track record it's easy to see why we can say, "You're no longer alone" in your fight against cybercrimes, cyber-bullying and harassing Emails.

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