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Internet and Intranet Email Tracing
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We help victims of child
stalking, cybercrime and threatening Emails.
* Major breakthrough in Email Tracing!  * Inter-Office tracing available.  * Licensed Private Investigator.
* We can help with your background investigation.  * We do in-depth Genealogy Traces.
* iPhone trace investigations available.

* We work hard with law enforcement and Email service providers to knock down the brick wall!

Domestic Investigations:
Net Trace Inc. has the capability of national computer Email tracing.

Net Trace Inc. can identify locations and persons throughout the USA.  The information and Identification of the sender will be given to
the customer for dissemination and action.

Additionally, Net Trace Inc. has investigators who can perform in-depth follow up investigations of information relating to corporations and individuals.

For more information please use our  Contact Us Page

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